Monday, March 19, 2012

Church Planting

While I still remain uncomfortable about using the term church planting to describe what we may be doing in the future, these Ten Things You Should Know seemed very appropriate:

1. You're a limited leader. (Exodus 18:18)
2. Process your hurt. (1 Peter 5:7)
3. You are not planting the church. Your family is planting the church. (Ephesians 6)
4. You'll experience internal and external prejudice. (Galatians 2:11-21)
5. Go after men. (1 Timothy 6:11-16)
6. Get a spiritual father. (1 Timothy 1:2, Philippians 2:22)
7. Date your wife. (Ephesians 5)
8. Establish unity with your core team. (Philippians 1:27-28)
9. People will leave. (John 6:58-66)
10. Fundraise for longevity. (Philippians 4:15-20)

Not too sure about number 10, but then again we haven't considered funding as an issue. I suppose too, that we would need to reflect on these ten items in the context of organic/missional/simple models. I'd say that for the most part they are thoroughly transferable, but maybe there are other things to consider with the model we are exploring.

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