Monday, March 26, 2012

I really don't like role play stuff!

The thing is, I really don't like training or seminar exercises where you have to "pretend" that you're in a particular situation and then act accordingly. Sadly, in some circumstances, there is any other way by which to do what what needs to be done in order to learn what needs to be learnt! This was my experience yesterday as I did my First Aid training.

The course was brilliant and the course tutor was great. How you maintain your motivation and get a group of people going and working and learning over the course of a whole day is quite incredible and our training did just that. He must have been exhausted!

Personally, I don't have any experience of First Aid courses, so I have nothing with to compare yesterday's event, but I would certainly recommend ReactFirst as a training body. They run a wide range of sports related First Aid courses and our day was well delivered and very valuable. I guess First Aid is one of those things for which you hope never to have to be responsible. At least I do. But now I've done my training I can see the value of it and I'm thinking about what I need to stuff into the bottom of my tennis bag just in case.

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