Monday, January 31, 2011

Two great questions

I came across tow great questions while reading a post about missional communities:

  • To whom do you want to be good news?
  • What does good news look like to those people?

I've rephrased the questions slightly, but the essence is still the same. We might even rephrase the first question again by asking:

  • To whom has God called you to be good news?

Of course we'd probably answer that globally and therefore generally. "Everyone," is what we'd most likely say, but that misses the point. If God has placed in a particular community, then maybe that is where he'd most like to partner with you in mission.

And the question is important because good news might look very different in one community compared to another. It's also helpful because it asks us to stop making the good news a set a beliefs we present, but a life we live.

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