Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Books

Two new books dropped through the letterbox today. Simply Church by Tony and Felicity Dale explores dynamic trends in society and church that are pushing Believers into simpler ways of doing church. I've blogged and thought out loud about church a lot. Sometimes I wonder if the institution of church hasn't become way too complicated and way too demanding. This should be an interesting read.

The second book to drop through the box is Right here, right now: Everyday mission for everyday people by Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford. According to Reggie McNeil it is a powerful new resource. It is both inspirational and instructional for serious Jesus-followers who understand church as a verb.

I'll get going on these just as soon as I finish Church Awakening.

In between times I'm dipping into Hit the ground kneeling by Stephen Cotterell and I want to have a look at All-Age Worship by Lucy Moore, bought on the basis of a review I read the other week.

So, as usual, a lot of reading to get through!

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