Friday, January 07, 2011

December Walking Stats

Having completed my 100-day challenge back in November and avoiding becoming overly obsessed with the numbers, December has still worked out to be a fairly successful month for walking.

Total steps taken: 366564

Daily average: 11825

Number of days over 10k: 28

Equivalent distance walked: 172 miles

That took me to an equivalent total distance from Aug. 1st of 928 miles!

Overall it's not bad. Lower that November and October, but not by much and anyway, it's never been the point to keep pushing the average up.

My goal for January is to reach my 1000 mile target. I had initially thought I might do that by the middle of the month, but then I realised I'd got the maths wrong and it's more like the beginning of February. My trainers will definitely need replacing by that point!

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