Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Updated NIV

The text of the updated New International Version of the Bible is available to read at Biblegateway. The print versions due for release next March, although I don't know if that means an anglicised version will also become available at the same time.

The website also has a UK version of the text, so maybe a UK print version will be available as soon as possible. I think this will be a welcome update and a good replacement for the inclusive language version that I bought a few years ago and the TNIV that was withdrawn last year in preparation for this revised translation.

But why would you buy yet another new Bible to add to the pile you already have at home? Well, the reason I bought the inclusive language version was because I stood in front on a mainly female congregation one day at a funeral and read a passage that was exclusively male in language but inclusive in intent. I decided then that it was time to move away from the exclusive language that dominated most translations.

Simply knowing it means everyone is not enough. I don't want to have to keep explaining that. Language moves on and so does translation.

So I'm looking forward to seeing the print version next year and starting to use it. In the men time have a read of it on the Internet.

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RobHu said...

I thought you and your readers might find it useful to know that I’ve just put up some pages that show how similar the NIV2011 is to the NIV1984 and the TNIV. My pages also show each verse where the NIV2011 differs from the NIV1984 or the TNIV in an easily read / clear manner.

The pages are online @

I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions if anyone has any. Please either email me or leave a comment on my blog post

Thank you,