Friday, November 05, 2010

In need of therapy

No, not that sort of therapy, before you ask. Although there are times when I suspect plenty of other people think I need some some of therapy, possibly involving shock treatment!!

No, the therapy I talking about is all to do with my back and tight muscles. I've generally suffered with muscular problems for as long as I can recall. Certainly I remember having issues at school with leg muscles and tendons. And I've done a fair bit of muscle damage over the years, so keeping them moving and loose is quite important. The problem is that like many people I don't actually take the time to stretch them out very day.

In Bedford I used to go and see Chris. He would stretch me out and release those tensed up tendons. Every so often he'd do a massage for me and it kept me flexible and increased my range of movement and improved my posture. I miss that, and after a year away from Chris things have got noticeably tighter.

So today I had a massage. Boy were some of the muscles tight and at times it was actually quite painful. Even now there are dents in various parts of my anatomy where elbows and knuckles have been pushed into hardened muscle fibre. On the other hand I know things are better and that tomorrow or the day after the effects will be more obvious.

What I should have done was take my bag with me and go in the steam room for a while and then in the gym to stretch myself out. Next time.

So if your muscles are tight and you need some therapy, go book yourself in for a massage somewhere and pamper yourself. Tell them I said it was okay!

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