Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome Fairs and meeting nuns

I've had an interesting couple of days. Yesterday and today I've been at the local College's Welcome Fair for students. We are hoping that a Christian group will form for the students, so I was there to represent the church in a broader faith context.

We had a few conversations, but most of the students were more interested in the free popcorn someone was making!

Then today I spent half an hour talking to one of the nuns at the local convent. She's speaking at an interfaith event and we talked about the topic she has to address. I'm not the only local church leader with whom she has spoken.

It made me think about my late aunt and her sister, I think is was her sister, who was a nun. Full of life and joy as I recall. As it should be.

There are only six nuns living in community at the convent in Upminster. And it's a big old house for six! I quite fancy the idea sometimes of living in a small faith community, but not with the nuns.

I wonder what Sister Annie would have made of the nephew of the family becoming a baptist minister.

So, two busy days. In fact Wednesday was so busy I had my breakfast and lunch at the same time. Four in the afternoon!

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