Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Losing weight

I haven't blogged much about losing weight, but today was one of the nice milestones and worth a mention. When I stepped on the scales this morning it read 15st 5lbs. Now that might still sound like a lot, and there is still some way to go before I get to a healthy weight for my height according to those infamous BMI tables, but it represents a big step along the way. It means I've lost 2st in imperial numbers, 13Kg on a metric scale.

People are beginning to notice, and asking what we've done. Well, back in July we began following a plan called The Dukan Diet. I liked the approach of a phased understanding of what we were doing. Let's be honest, losing weight is one thing, stabilising your new weight quite another. No way do either Anne of I want to go up and down.

The plan is very simple. The main part of the programme consists of alternating a day where you eat protein and vegetables with a day when you eat only protein. Add to that the non-negotiables of 1.5 litres of water a day,  a daily dose of oat bran and 30 minutes walking and you have the main weight loss phase sorted out.

We've found it very easy to follow and probably the only other variable is discipline. Yes, sad to say there are no magic solutions to making this work, you just have to be disciplined about your choices. But then if you can't do discipline then you probably can't succeed with any programme.

So we're happy with our progress and by encouraging each other we're finding the discipline part is okay. For me, I keep a record of my weight and of the exercise I do. I record my daily steps and accumulate the data to see how far I've gone each week and then each month. Along with the scales, it motivates me to keep going towards my goal.

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