Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Morning 8:45am!

For those with memories long enough to recall Simon and Garfunkel, you'll understand the licence in the title! Perhaps S & G were not your favourites, so you'll have to think Beatles instead (didn't She's leaving home begin "Wednesday morning, it's 5am..."? Anyway, it's Wednesday morning and I'm in Costa drinking a hot milk with caramel syrup. With the opening of Cafe Nero, I now have three Coffee shops from which to choose plus all the other places I haven't even ventured into along the main road. We even have an ice-cream parlour opening soon!

I'd love to be able to recount stories of significant spiritual conversations I've had in these places, but I don't have any such stories. Perhaps a really extrovert evangelist would find a way, but I'm certainly not either of those. So I just come and sit and work and read and pray. Occasionally I meet someone loosely connected to church and have something between a shallow and slightly deeper conversation, but they are rare.

The thing is, if I were not sitting here, I would never have the chance. So being here and not getting an opportunity is better than not being here and closing the door to a chance meeting completely.

Anyway, my goal today is to write at least one if not two outlines for some bible studies I'm preparing for after Easter, so I'd better get going on that!

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