Friday, April 08, 2011

Spare Parts

I've had cause to get a couple of spare parts for the washing machine and the tumble dryer recently and espares proved to be a fast an efficient website for getting what I needed.

I'm not a great one for DIY repairs, mainly because I know next to nothing about how these machines actually work, but fitting a new door catch and drum paddle are well within my capabilities. finding the parts on the website was easy enough and they arrived nice and promptly.

I'd recommend them, and what's more they just sent me an email with a promotional code promising a £5 voucher if anyone uses the code to order parts! So here's the code, just follow this link and I'll get my voucher. Whether you get anything I don't know, and my voucher might just be a discount on more parts, but it's worth looking if you need something!

Advert over.

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