Friday, April 01, 2011

March walking stats

The end of another month, and the scores on the doors are:

Steps: 405, 121

Miles: 197.55

23,543 was the most steps on a single day. This was when we were at the tennis camp at the beginning of the month. although I've had a couple more 20k step days this month since then.

So far, since the 1st August, I've taken 2,963,782 steps which is approximately 1,467 miles. In theory, by the end of Monday I'll have done at least another 40k, which means I'll have taken my  three millionth step!

I only had 2 days when I didn't do 10k this month, although I've not been going out purposefully to walk consistently this month. Most of my steps have come from walking more often than driving and playing tennis (and a little badminton of late).

So maybe in April I will return to trying to do at least 30-45 minutes of aerobic walking a day, but with all the tennis and some swimming, I'm not doing badly for exercise.

I'll probably keep the statistics going until the end of July, just to see what the year looks like. After that, who knows, even I might get bored!!

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