Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phil. 3:7

But what ever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ

How do you view your life? It's a more difficult question than some of us imagine. It's easy to think less of yourself, to belittle one's own abilities and gifts. There's nothing wrong with confidence unless it is totally misplaced.

But Paul is not talking about self-confidence or personal financial profit. Paul was a Pharisee. He knew about profit and loss from the perspective of keeping the rules and regulations of religious faith. He knew too that grace sets you free from a balance sheet mentality about faith. Paul would have agreed with the simple statement that Christ and the cause of Christ is the only thing worthy of full devotion.

The balance sheet approach to the Christian life asks, "How much is enough?" It is more concerned with knowing if 75% commitment is enough to pass, or if 65% will do. The fully devoted life, by contrast, asks, "How can I serve Christ more effectively in every situation?"

Look at the questions you ask, and then ask yourself if you are more concerned with having done enough or if you are more concerned with doing everything you can for the glory of God.

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