Thursday, April 08, 2010

Phil. 2:15

shine like stars

We "shine like stars" as we "hold out the word of life" according to Paul here in Philippians 2. How we "hold out the word of life" may be different for one person than it is for another, but I suspect there are some common elements.

Being a person of grace would be one of them. Grace is, or should be, the cornerstone of our experience of God. If you've not experienced grace or are not experiencing grace, then maybe you need to sort a few things out! Our ability to share grace is directly proportional to our ability to receive it.

A second common element would probably be blessing. Are we able to bless those who criticism or reject or hurt us?

Apparently I achieved a first on Good Friday. I was the first person ever at the celebration in the park to get heckled. I don't think it was personal, I just happened to be the person speaking, actually praying at the time. I'm not about to hold myself up as a great example of how to respond, but in that moment I had a choice. I could have chosen to ignore what happened, or I could have chosen to make a joke or retaliated. I chose instead to pray for them, to ask God to bless them in every possible way.

Another time I might have responded differently, but I believe that God prompted me to respond with a blessing not a curse.

So we are to shine like stars. Shine by being full of grace and overflowing with blessing, It's not a bad place to start.

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