Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just an ordinary day

Yesterday was just another ordinary day. Ally and I drove down to Upminster to build wardrobes and take delivery of our new fridgefreezer. It's big, but not the size of those side-by-side appliances that are becoming popular. Maybe one day we'll have room for one of those, but for now having a fridge that is taller than I am is quite a novelty!

I also had the privilege of interviewing the new Youth Worker for Upminster Baptist Church. Looking forward to working with him in on a number of ideas (assuming the appointment is ratified by the church members). This will be a first for me, to have another person for whom I'll be taking some degree of management responsibility.

I certainly don't think that church should be run like a business, so it will be a challenge to develop accountability and management that reflects kingdom principles more that blue chip principles. I might have to read Jim Collins again!

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