Monday, July 23, 2007

What's in your rucksack?

Having just posted something about walking, and because it's summer, and because blogging should be broader than just book reviews and church, I thought I'd take a look in my rucksack and, for a bit of fun, list what I take with me when I walk! I wonder what it says about me?

In my bag I have:

1. Lightweight waterproofs (you never know when you need them in Great Britain)
2. A lightweight fleece top (again, you never know and it can be cold on top of a hill)
3. Maps.
4. A mat to sit on (it's about 400mm x 200mm)
5. a plastic "ziploc" bag for small electrical items like my 'phone and electronic car key to keep them dry if it rains really hard.
6. A small first aid kit (the only time I've ever used this as far as I remember was to do a running repair on someone boots!, but I still wouldn't walk with out it.)
7. Painkillers (in the first aid kit. I'm a migraine man and so I always carry something just in case, and I also have a painful knee joint that a little ibuprofen soothes)
8. A small pocket knife.
9. A whistle
10. A compass (most useful for the scale if you want to pinpoint your location. You don't have to be a great map reader and compass user to enjoy walking)
11. A small GPS (I use my GPS to find my position and to check distances. More functions just complicate the issue, so I have a Garmin Geko 101. It tells me everything I need to know.
12. A handheld weather station . I love gadgets and this is just fun. It measure barometric pressure and shows the up/down/ steady trend.

Other important items are:

1. My hat. I never walk without it, if only to embarrass my fellow walkers!
2. My walking poles. If you think there for wimps, think again. The extra stability going up and down hills is great and they take a lot of pressure of your knees. I tried using two on Saturday and it was great once I got used to it.

So that's my list. The only thing I can think of that's missing is probably a survival blanket, so maybe I'll pop into the Pound Shop and get one (you be surprised what you can pick up in the mos unexpected places!)

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