Sunday, July 29, 2007

The walk (2)

Yesterday, Saturday, we did the second section of the Greensand Ridge.

Setting off from Eversholt we made our through woods, along tracks and over a few ups and downs to Clophill. We covered just short of 12 miles and have now complete 22 miles of the 40 mile route. Interestingly, from Eversholt to Clophil we dropped about 200ft overall. On the other hand we had many a climb and descent along the way. If I took my time I could work out how much climbing and descending we did. I'll have to look at my digital OS mapping, but I think we climbed up and down at least 4 times. My feet certainly knew I'd been out for a walk.

Along the way we passed through an area of special scientific interest that would, and probably does, go unnoticed by almost everyone who passes by. The walk detours from the ridge to take the area in, otherwise we wouldn't have known it was there. It sits just alongside the A6, half a mile or so north of Clophill.

Our lunch stop was by the golf course at Milbrook.

In the photograph you can just see a small section of the test track tot he left of the buildings. Just left of centre, on the mid-horizon are the airship sheds at Cardington. They're about 6 miles away at a guess and the far horizon might be 12 miles or more, but I'm not sure. Visibility was good yesterday!

We're hoping to do a short section next weekend and then maybe finish the walk the weekend after that. I'll keep you posted

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