Saturday, October 11, 2014

Waiting for the rain to stop!

It's early on Saturday morning and I'm sitting here listening to the rain tapping on the window. The app on my 'phone says it should stop with the sunrise that's supposed to be taking place right now, but it doesn't sound like it's stopping anytime soon.

The reason this is significant is that at 8:00am I should be coaching my adult tennis group. We've done pretty well so far, in fact I think we've had 13 or 14 weeks without a break for the weather at all. Given the rain we've had this week, it wouldn't be a surprise that we may have to cancel today's session.

I really enjoy the coaching, possibly more than I thought I would. I'm even rather enjoying coaching the youngsters too! I now have three with whom I'm working and I'm thinking of running a tennis camp next Easter.

The rain is getting heavier by the way, so I'm guessing I should send out a text message, although I'd be surprised if anyone turned up!

Next on today's agenda is a rugby match. If the rain persists that will be a wet affair too. Looks like it's time to dig out the waterproofs and prepare for winter then! Why couldn't I get involved with a basketball club or some other indoor activity!

On the other hand, I do actually like being outdoors. I've even started some personal training with a friend of mine in the local park. It's more of a challenge to think about how to programme outdoor training as against going from one bit of kit to another in the gym, but the outdoors is so much better for you than the fluorescent tube palaces of the corporate fitness world. The only issue is the weather. My friend did ask what we would do if it rained. I simply replied, "Get wet!" I guess having grown up playing outdoor sports through the winter that you don't really think too much about the weather.

Well, the sun is up and the rain is still falling. I've just had a text from one of the group and sent a return message to the others to cancel this morning's session. I may still need to don the waterproofs and go for a walk, but I'll leave that a while and see if the promised sunny spells arrive in the next hour or so.

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