Monday, April 09, 2012

Look what we've done with the place!

So, we've had the keys for a week and we've made a few changes! We thought we'd go for the rustic, minimalist look in the kitchen!

The rather odd shaped thing leaning against the wall was hidden behind a false wall. It looks like and old flue of some sort to me.

The ceiling was covered in fibreboard tiles, stapled to the old lathe and plaster work. So that's all come down ready for a new ceiling with down-lights.

In the lounge we've removed an old chimney and"feature" fireplace. We know someone loved it, but it wasn't our taste.

The opening just visible in the left of the lecture is going to be made bigger to give us a feeling of space throughout the downstairs.

The tricky thing in the lounge is that the ceiling is very good, apart from the big hole we've made! It would be nice to match the paper that's been put on it, but we're not sure we can.

Moving upstairs, we have the room that will be the study. That was an old built0in cupboard in the left corner, but it will probably be where the desk will go. There will be a light above so you're not sitting in the dark.

We've discovered that most rooms have at least two layers of wallpaper on them. This one had a rather fetching 1960's or 1950's cowboy theme under the top layer. Perhaps it was Maverick wallpaper for those who remember the original TV series.  Whatever it was, it was well stuck down and looked washable, which made it very hard to remove.

The main bedroom now features easy access to the lounge. All we need to fit is a bat-pole and we're all set for fast access to breakfast.

THe last few days has been all about stripping wallpaper. Only one room left to do a few places to tidy up. Not sure what the builders plans are for this week. The electrician in doing the first fix, and there's quite a lot of plastering to do once they get started.

More pictures as we progress!

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