Tuesday, April 03, 2012

House & Home

Disclaimer: We are not in the business of criticising other people's choices when it comes to decorations and style. The picture are just to let you see what we've bought and then eventually what we have done with it!

So, we got the keys to the house we have bought and the builders moved in one Monday to start work. There's quite a lot to do, but it should all get done this month and we will be in for the start of May! To give you an idea of what we have inherited here's a picture or two of the present kitchen:

 These glass-doored cupboards have access from both sides. Very nice in their day, but not for us. The dark wood is a bot overpowering too, so they are all coming out and a nice new kitchen will be fitted.

We won't be having this style of cupboard either, it just closes off what will be a really nice big kitchen/diner. So we are opening it all up as much as possible. In fact we're making the downstairs as open-plan as we can by creating a wide opening into the lounge from the far end of the kitchen. If you go to the left of these galls cabinets, and turn to your left, there are a pair of sliding doors into the lounge. We're taking them out and making the opening bigger too.
But the kitchen isn't the only room getting the treatment. In the lounge there is a feature fireplace that was once someone's pride and joy, but again not our taste. So the chimney is coming out all the way up through the house.

While all of that is being done, the house needs to be rewired and there's a bit of structural repair work to do in the extension. Oh, and a new bathroom to be fitted, two or three ceiling to come down and be re-done and then decorated throughout and new floor coverings.

Thinking about it, that's quite a list for April!

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