Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tennis Break

With a little apprehension on both our parts, Anne and I set off for a few days in the wilds of Norfolk on a tennis break. We've never done this before, so we both wondered what it might be like. Anne, as a beginner, was having some specially arranged private lessons and I was joining the group course that was at the heart of the programme.

As a novice I suppose I was more concerned that everyone else would be so much better than I was and that I'd just end up embarrassing myself. I needn't have worried. Lots of encouragement and fun was the order of the day.

We came home with a few sore muscles and a new group of friends who we hope to meet again if we're ever on another break together.

Many thanks to Nick Ring Leisure who organise these things and who went out of their way to meet our needs by adding the private one-to-one lessons into the schedule for Anne.

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