Thursday, March 03, 2011

February walking stats

For the shortest month and one day when I was so ill I didn't leave the hotel room, I didn't do too badly.  Overall I managed 321022 steps which is approximately 160.5 miles. My best day was 24697, equivalent to almost 15 miles of flat walking.

So, after 7 months I've managed 1270 miles and over 2.5 million steps. And I've also discovered a possible simple repair to the worn heel lining of my shoes. After only two and half months I've worn away the lining on the heel of my tennis shoes. Something I also do to my trainers albeit over a slight longer time period. Usually the shoes are still pretty good and I keep wearing them, but every so often the worn lining begins to rub a blister on my heel. The reason for the wear is a small bump on my heel that feels like extra bone.

Anyway, I've tried all sorts of running repairs using tape, but this usually just rolls up and creates more of a problem. What I needed was something soft to put over the worn patch. I found some foam sheet we'd bought in Hobbycraft. It's a bit like felt, but latex. I cut a square out and fixed it in my shoe using double-sided tape.

You need to be careful putting the shoes on, and make sure you don't roll the edge over, but it seems to be working a treat. My tennis shoes no longer rub my heel and their life has been extended. I'll try it in my trainers when they wear out sometime in April.

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