Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Project!

So, I've been busy building a log cabin in the garden. The idea is that this will become a treatment room rather than using the lounge. Of course this is rather dependent upon whether I can heat/cool the cabin sufficiently, but only a winter and summer will answer that question.

I may look at insulation for both the floor and the roof if that proves necessary, but we will see how things go. At the moment it is quite hot in there.

As you can see from the second photograph, it doesn't overpower the garden itself. we have about 150/160ft of garden and the cabin is only 13/14ft wide and 8 deep.

I built the cabin onto a 4" frame which, with the floor bearers in place, gives enough room to add a deck if we decide to do that.

I will need to sort out getting power into it and also broadband, although the wireless signal in the garden is pretty good considering it's probably somewhere near 100ft from the hub. The wireless doorbell doesn't reach that far!

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