Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Touch Rugby

I've been wondering about playing touch rugby. It's something we used to do at school, many, many years ago, and I think it's probably a great way to get a run about and gain some fitness. Running for long distances can be quite boring, and if like me your knees are increasingly reluctant to be pounded mile after mile, then maybe something like touch rugby is a alternative for that cardio workout you crave.

The rules have developed somewhat since my schooldays, which makes it an easier game to play for anyone, and a few cones, a ball and a good spirit should make it possible. There's even a couple of official websites with leagues! Sadly, there's nothing I can find this far east of Kingston or Clapham, so maybe it's time to start something in deepest Essex!

I'm not sure exactly how to get things started, but it would only take a minimum of 10, ideally 12 people, men and women, to get underway.

Any takers? Vets like me welcome!!

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