Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Have couch, will travel!

Well, my massage couch arrived today, so I'm all set to start practicing my new skills. The question is, will those folk who said they'd volunteer stand up and be counted. Maybe that should be lie down and be counted. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get some volunteers and it will be interesting to see how my ability and technique develops over the next few months.

For interested parties, this is the couch I've chosen:

Mine is grey and looks very smart. I've tried lying on it, and it's quite comfortable. It's an Affinity portaflex (portable/flexible on some websites), and as you can see it has a lifting backrest. I'm not sure how important that will be, but I'd rather have it and not use it than want it but not have it. Over the course of the year I will work out what really suits my purposes and then if I choose to replace this couch I'll have a better idea of what to get.

It truly is a minefield trying to choose one of these things without really knowing what you are looking for in a couch. There weren't that many reviews to read or that many place where you can go and check them out. In the end I took the plunges based on a couple of recommendations. I got mine from Massage Warehouse. Ordered it on Sunday and it came today, Tuesday by next day delivery, which was free. The other supplies I ordered will come in the next day or two by separate carriage.

The technical data is that it weighs just under 17Kg, which is quite heavy. There are much lighter ones, but they come with a price. Once I get established and have made some money (!) I might invest in something like the Tarsus lightweight table, but at over £600 I don't think that represents a starting point unless weight is a real issue.

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