Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Picking up the pace

You'd think that someone who has spent most of their adult life reading books, studying ideas, reflecting on concepts and generally trying to stay involved in changing conversations about all sorts of things would find shifting their focus to a new area of study fairly straightforward. But the thing is I've never really done anything in a straightforward manner in my life!

So I find myself about to start this amazing Sports Massage Diploma while at the same time studying a Diploma in Nutrition and planning some CPD in Pilates, posture and a few other things. These, of course, will not happen until next year at the earliest, but I do seem to considering a lot of fresh studying for someone of my advancing years! I just hope my brain can take it!

I have a friend that I haven't seem for a long time. In fact I've lost contact with them and would like to track them down, but I can't seem to find them anywhere yet. I remember his plan was to retire at 55, the age I will be this year and the age I think he must have reached about five years ago. I wonder if he did? I wonder what else he is doing?

As for me, retirement doesn't look like a possibility for a long time yet, so I might as well keep learning and exploring. No way do I want my brain to slow down. Recent studies seem to suggest that decline sets in much earlier than previously thought, so I know I'm on borrowed time as far as learning and retying new information goes. Let's hope the brain lasts out the next couple of years!

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