Tuesday, February 01, 2011

January walking

Well another month is over and another tally of steps and miles has been calculated. I might just see what it all comes to after a year, but I'm not sure. It is quite interesting to see the miles add up and the steps pass certain markers. I'm also wondering about what to do as a next challenge. I've already done my 100-day challenge and I've walked the equivalent of the length of the country. I wonder how far it is around the coast? That will probably keep me going for some time to come!

To the numbers:

Steps: 372,212

Equiv. distance: 181 miles

Days over 10k: 29

Av. per day: 12,007

Total from 1st August: 2,237,639 steps; 1,109 miles (1,774Km); 12,161 steps a day average.

Apparently, as far as I can determine, the total coastline of Great Britain runs to about 7, 700 miles. The main island is about 5,000 miles. So, at my current rate of approximately 6 miles a day, that would take 833 days of which I've done 184! That leaves 649 days. I think that would mean I'd finish that challenge around the 11th Nov. 2013. Maybe a day early given the leap year!

I think it would also cost me about four or five pairs of trainers! Maybe I'll buy them all now before the price goes up!

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