Friday, February 26, 2010

Reggie McNeal on missional church


Anonymous said...
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Richard said...

I have no idea what this comment says. If someone could translate it for me I would be grateful!

Richard said...

The comment that needed translating has been deleted. I will be reporting the originator. I apologise if the translator I used got it wrong, but if it was right I did the right thing.

In future any comments not in English will be removed.

Unknown said...

I love the first part on referencing the church as Who, rather than It. In my thinking I usually reference the church as her, i.e. the bride of Christ; perhaps this is more biblical than I had imagined.

Reggie also references the effect of Sin, and that Christ came to redeem its effect. I wonder actually whether sin is more profound than that, i.e. since Christ's death; sin is opposition to the redemptive work of God; not only in our lives, but in the world around each of us.

Surprisingly, this idea fits rather well with Reggie's talk.