Friday, May 19, 2006

Do a Venice ditch

The issue for me is not about proving or disproving Dan Brown’s version of history. After all The Da Vinci Code is a novel, it’s not history, although worryingly even some Christians haven’t realised that. The issue for me is how to present the truth of the Gospel in an age that loves a conspiracy and a cover-up? Presidents lie, Prime Minister’s appear to bend the truth, the media manipulates and everyone is probably involved in a cover-up somewhere in the world.

As far as the conspiracy theorist are concerned we’re not told the truth about alien visitors, or Kennedy’s assassination or the moon landings. So why should we believe the story of Jesus as told in the bible and handed down through the church? That’s the crux of the challenge, not historicity of texts.

Perhaps the real challenge of the Da Vinci Code is for all Christians to get better informed about the historical origins of our faith, to grasp the narrative as much as the theology of our heritage.

And in case you hadn’t realised…

“Do a Venice ditch” is an anagram of The Da Vinci Code and interestingly Dan Brown is an anagram of own brand or down bran. This is obviously a conspiracy by the supermarkets to get us eating their own healthy breakfast cereals.

Ps Yes, I've read the book, and I'll probably see the film.

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Andy said...

Richard, I so love your attitude and approach - it consistently inspires and encourages me.

Thanks for bringing this perspective to the increasingly lop-sided Davinci discussion.

It is an alarming revelation about teh supermarkets though, you just aren't safe anywhere these days, are you........