Saturday, March 18, 2006

Living generously

I took another little step in my desire to live generously again yesterday. It's not much but it was a little more risky than anything else so far.
We have a new housing development in the village and I was wondering how we might serve these new houses in the name of Jesus-no strings attached. The obvious way is with some sort of welcome pack (I was thinking tea, coffee, biscuits, that kind of thing). Then I thought, what about the sales people? Why not give them a welcome gift too? So yesterday I wandered into the sales office with two small jars of coffee (one ordinary and one decaf), some tea bags and some biscuits.
For some reason I worry about what people will think, but I'm learning that gifts are welcome and well received more often than not.
So why did I worry? Probably because doing something like this is higher risk that pushing stamps through doors or even washing cars.
I wonder when I'll feel brave enough to risk paying for someone's coffee at Starbucks or Costa?

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